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Tiny’s Shinies Giveaway #1

blah blah cutting to the chase I have 4 shinies:
Cherry the Audino (Female, Careful, transported)
Tadakatsu the Bunnelby (Male, Calm, Hexagon)
Francis the Aipom (Female, Bashful, Hexagon, Renicknameable)
Squiggles the Whiscash (Male, Rash, Hexagon, Renicknameable)

ok so two winners, first place picks two, second place gets the other two.


  • likes and reblogs both count, but likes only count if you reblog. also only one reblog is counted, so be courteous to your followers.
  • for the time being, no giveaway blogs.
  • don’t have to be following me.
  • don’t text and drive. like. ok stop that you fools. that’s not cool. it’s not safe. yes I know you think you can do it b/c you’re ok at it. YOU’RE NOT. DON’T HURT SOMEONE. Oh Arceus!
  • must have X/Y and be able to trade.
  • must claim your prize within 48hrs of your name being drawn.

while I have your attention, tho, if you’re into music and such, check out my music blog (or its trntbl) .

ends feb 28th. as name implies I may do more, depends on reception.

YaoiPlanet presents: Yaoi of the month ! X-MEN

by #YaoiPlanet


Today is the day ! YaoiPlanet is about to send Yaoi-spaceships to planet earth !
We are about to make a gallery (every month) of a anime/comic/game with all sorts of yaoi pairings !

We want to promote those people (the artist(s)) and make them popular in YaoiPlanet !

So maybe YOU are one of the lucky one’s who will get your artwork in our monthly gallery !

Feel free to ask a question and stay tuned ! ;)


:new:YAOI OF THE MONTH ==> X-MEN:new:

Guys in hot spandex ! Hero’s in tight suits with amazing powers ! :D

Gambit x Wolverine ! ==> :thumb171125754:

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